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  • Journal of Education and Islamic Studies (JEIS)

    Journal of Education and Islamic Studies (JEIS) is an academic journal that focuses on research in education and Islamic studies. This journal provides a platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to share knowledge, ideas, and the latest findings in various aspects of education and Islamic studies.

    Journal of Education and Islamic Studies (JEIS) adalah jurnal akademik yang fokus pada penelitian pendidikan dan studi keislaman. Jurnal ini menyediakan wadah bagi para peneliti, akademisi, dan praktisi untuk berbagi pengetahuan, gagasan, dan temuan terbaru dalam berbagai aspek pendidikan dan studi keislaman. 

  • INTIFA: Journal of Education and Language

    INTIFA: Journal of Education and Language is a scientific publication that focuses on topics within education and language. Serving as a forum, this journal allows researchers, academics, and practitioners in the fields of education and language to publish their research articles, literature reviews, and scientific papers. The primary goal is to disseminate in-depth knowledge and understanding of issues related to education and language.

  • Masterpiece: Journal of Islamic Studies and Social Sciences

    "Masterpiece: Journal of Islamic Studies and Social Sciences" is a distinguished scholarly publication that stands at the intersection of Islamic studies and social sciences. This peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering intellectual conversations that explore the multifaceted relationship between Islamic principles and the complexities of contemporary social phenomena.

    Our mission is to provide a reputable platform for academics, researchers, and practitioners to contribute high-quality research that enhances our understanding of Islam's profound influence on society. By promoting interdisciplinary research, the journal seeks to unravel the intricate connections between Islamic thought and the evolving landscape of social sciences.

    Scope: "Masterpiece" invites submissions covering a wide spectrum of topics within Islamic studies and social sciences. From traditional Islamic theology to the application of social sciences in Islamic contexts, the journal welcomes diverse perspectives that contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the rich tapestry of Islamic culture, thought, and its impact on societal structures.

    Key Focus Areas:

    • Islamic Theology and Philosophy
    • Social Sciences in Islamic Contexts
    • Cultural Studies and Arts
    • Contemporary Issues in Islamic Communities
    • Interfaith Dialogue
    • Islamic Education